Is Sheldon Cooper from “Big Bang Theory” Autistic?

Is Sheldon Cooper from “Big Bang Theory” Autistic?
I checked the internet to see what people were saying, and I found this on Wikipedia:

“In an interview, Jim Parsons…added that in his opinion, Sheldon ‘couldn’t display more traits’ of Asperger’s.”

I love this circumstance because one of the most-loved characters of one of the most-watched shows on television has now familiarized a large NT audience with so many AS traits in an entertaining, humanizing, and emotionally sympathetic fashion.  This can only serve to assist in the assimilation and acceptance of us, individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.

This notion holds particular interest for me because it offers for me a previously inconceivable option:  Perhaps, somewhere down the road, the ability to be myself.  As I have stated previously, my obsession and compulsion has been to perfectly blend in and be accepted by society.  That means almost completely hiding those behaviors and thoughts and interests that are not just natural to me but normally saturate my being.  Certainly there is balance in behaving in ways that help people get along with one another, but I am excited by the possibility that I could, for example, rock back and forth in public or close my eyes and block things out while in public places and have people understand, “Oh, she’s on the Autistic Spectrum, that’s what they do, no big deal.”  As a matter of fact, simply to be able to identify myself as SOMETHING, something that is ME, that identifies me as NOT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE would actually be unbelievably freeing.  It makes me want to scream and cry to think of being able to yell out “I am not entirely like you and I’m so incredibly fatigued from trying to act like you and be accepted by you!!!”  In my heart I feel that it would be like taking off a stifling, lead-filled overcoat on a humid 90-degree summer day, to be able to identify myself as myself, and if they need to label me as “Autistic Spectrum” in order to accept me, then so be it.  Anything, just to be able to be myself and not face the prospect of being looked at as unacceptably different and/or ostracized.

You might say that being labeled Autistic is far from the experience of being accepted, but from my perspective, even a limited acceptance of me is better than a more complete acceptance of this character that I play during so many hours of every day.  I fantasize about being able to be frank with someone, ANYONE, to be able to say, “I’m really, really smart” and not be looked at for it as either crazy or socially unacceptable.  I fantasize about being able to say to NT society, “You all are effing crazy!  You lie all day every day to everybody, including to yourselves, and if that’s what you want to do, that’s fine, except that your lies are hurting not only other people but YOURSELVES too!  Why is it acceptable only to blow smoke up each other’s nether regions?  Open your eyes, it will be okay!  If you would take a look around and see the world you’ve created for what it is, you could make simple changes in order to live in a way that makes you feel good, REALLY GOOD!”  It may be settling, but considering the current state of things, I only wish that after I said things like that their reaction could be, “Yeah, okay, you’ve got a point, whatever, dude,” and that would be it.  They do their thing, I do my thing, there is no friction, just everyday tolerance.

I have hope that this could be possible in the near future, and you, the AS, are making it possible.  I thank you for all the hardship, physical and emotional torture you have gone through in order to find yourselves here reading the words on these pages.  Your presence, experience, and effort just to be here alive have formed a crack in the presently dysfunctional shell of our society.  Through that crack I see rays of brilliant light shining, rays of hope for an Earth where people are allowed to be different, not just in looks but in personal attributes.  A place where different sets of personal characteristics and tendencies are recognized and mined for the potential of “what they do,” like the essential elements that are the building blocks for our world.  If every element looked and behaved similarly, our world could not exist.

I envision a world where diversity is highly valued, even sought after.  I see an Earth where individuals’ idiosyncrasies and rare gifts are identified and nurtured for the benefit of everyone.  I would even go way out on a limb to say I can envision an Earth where my gifts would be recognized, accepted, and utilized.  We can all dream, right?  :)

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